Are you ready?


So today marks 7 complete months of seeing our idol in flesh and blood, and we thought this calls for some good news! For quite some time now, we've been teasing you guys about an upcoming #TributeProject for "One Year Of Purpose Tour India"! And although we understand the hype, nothing would be disclosed unless it's absolutely necessary! 😉

However, it's been a custom to include you all in each one of our projects, because after all it's the "Indian Beliebers Community" and nothing can ever be complete without you guys! So, stay updated with us 'cause a long ass post on how YOU can participate in our #PurposeTourIndiaTribute project IS COMING UP SOON right here, on our FACEBOOK!!

Share, spread the word and get ready 'cause this one's H-U-G-E ✌ CALLING ALL INDIAN BELIEBERS! Tag your Belieber friends so that everyone gets a chance! 💜

Oh, no! Not you again

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