August 31, 2015

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Talk politely to the fans.
Don’t use hard/offensive language.
Try to talk/reply the conversation professionally.
Block/ban the haters immediately.
Remove the post or tags that are disturbing or might hurt someone. (facts are okay to post)
Don’t Use Capital Letters In Every Word Or Sentence In Normal Talks Like I’m Using Right Now.
Try to answer questions from fans briefly.
You can add your name in the posts that you create.
You can edit other admin’s post if they spell something wrong or explained the wrong thing or if they’ve made some grammatical mistakes.
Let people about our latest/upcoming events or projects.
If you are confused about something and don’t know what to respond, ask me or tell me to respond them.
• You are NOT allowed to:
(a) edit the about section.
(b) update the cover picture and profile picture of the page.
(c) take down other admin’s post on the page.
In case if you find something inappropriate posted by any admin, ask them to remove it. 

We respect our work so instead of writing name of our page use it properly like “JBTSinIndia Team” or “Team JBTSinIndia” not like “jbtsinindia Team” or “JBTSindia team. That’s it. 

*Violations of rules and regulations is strictly not accepted, we will remove you as admin immediately.

RULES BY: NAVEEN MANJHI (founder/manager)

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