Purpose by Justin Bieber deserves the album of the year Grammy. Here’s why.

November 9, 2016


Justin Bieber released his latest album Purpose back in November 2015 raising all the bars of Pop albums and music. Started off as a little kid with his hit Baby, Justin is now one of top Pop Sensations of our era. If we were able to be rational about this, without considering our liking or disliking for the artist, there would be no argument regarding this. Purpose album has got it all. Before making conclusions, read the facts what we think makes Purpose AOTY Grammy deserving!


The album Purpose is a bang on mixture of vocals, Instruments recording, technical proficiency, mixing and mastering of tracks. Songs like Life is worth living, Purpose, No Sense have commendable vocal sections. Title track Purpose has definitely efficient instrument recording. These factors complementing each other perfectly on the album makes it stand out among all the other albums in the race.


Grammys are awards given out by the recording industry to celebrate success in the same. And to celebrate this success in 2016, there is no better option than Purpose. Though released 2015, it has still managed to stick around the charts among Adele’s 25, Drake’s Views and Beyonce’s Lemonade which were released in 2016. Adele’s 25, Drake’s Views and Bey’s Lemonade may have had more sales in 2016. However, Bieber managed to hang around despite the album being released in 2015, which was the third best-selling album of 2015, beat again by Adele’s 25 and Taylor Swift’s 1989. On another note, Purpose was smashing records. The fact that the album quickly broke the first week streams both domestically and globally with streaming numbers 77 and 205 million respectively. And this is the fifth album by Bieber which has sold over a million copies. Purpose took only 5 weeks to sell out a million copies- the quickest trip to a million by Bieber so far. Purpose debuted as No.1 on the billboard 200 chart dated 5th Dec,2015 giving Bieber his sixth chart-topping album. The Biebs also broke a 51 year old Billboard Hot 100 record which was initially held by the Beatles and Drake with maximum number of titles on the Hot 100 list in a week. Bieber is now a proud owner of 8 new titles in the Guinness World Records all thanks to his smash success on spotify and Purpose’s chart domination.



Purpose has given us some great tunes this year. For Purpose, Bieber has picked up a slate of songs that work wonders with his vocals. Justin Bieber is the first and only artist in history to hold positions 1,2,3 in the UK charts simultaneously, thanks to his record breaking hit singles Sorry, What do you mean and Love yourself. These songs were holding the top positions for a reason. They’re all our beloved sub-genres R&B, Dancehall etc. The new Bieber music has got a matured feel to it and has a little touch of RnB, songs like No sense, No pressure on the album gives the R&B feels. Sorry, What do you mean have definitely marked their place in everybody’s head, afterall it’s beats and grooves had the whole world on their feet!


Purpose is an album that Bieber had to put out there. After the public ups and downs of the artist’s life, he had to have a say in the situation. What better way to let it out through an album? Songs like Purpose, Mark my words, I’ll show you have a deep and intense lyrical strength you simply can’t deny. It’s time we acknowledge that Bieber is now a matured grown up now and so is his music. He is an adult and so are we, maybe it’s time we can start showing him the respect that he deserves for the artist that he has become. Deep down you know, Purpose is a strong contender for album of the year Grammy! And totally deserves to win this category.

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1 thought on “Purpose by Justin Bieber deserves the album of the year Grammy. Here’s why.”


    This is such a wonderful blog .Loved it . And Justin totally deserves a Grammy not just because I am a fan and love everything he does but because he has taken a lot of efforts to make this album which has created a history . In any album there are only few songs that you like but all the songs in Purpose are just amazing .
    I wish Justin gets all the success in life that he truly deserves.

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