Justin Bieber to share his ‘Purpose’ with Indian Beliebers on 10 May 2017.

January 8, 2017


  UPDATED: FEBURARY 15, 2017          



Never heard “What’s up India? Welcome to My World!”
Never heard “What’s up India? If you’re ready to Believe, make some noise!”
But, Never Say Never, right? Seems like the heavens have finally blessed us with a Purpose.

Earlier yesterday, Mumbai Mirror published an article suggesting Justin is going to be here soon, May, 2017, to be specific! According to ‘Mumbai Mirror’, “Bieber is making a whistle-stop visit to the city at the DY Patil Stadium, as a part of his ‘Purpose’ tour in Asia.” The same was reported by ‘Creative Minds Ent’ (@CMEindia) and soon later, internet literally started flooding with the news, all insisting us to believe, “This is not a drill,” as the media said.​   ​​Another huge thing on the radar, as per the media is, the man who has done all the groundwork for making this possible, is Mr. Shailendra Singh, Inceptor of Sunburn Festival/Guestlist4Good, Jt. Managing Director of Percept Ltd., himself! What’s making us believe that this might be feasible is two of his following tweets:



Our guess for the ‘Project jbm17’ is… ‘Justin Bieber Mumbai 2017’ going by these possibilities, he might as well be the man behind this, and if he really is, this means good news! So lots of stuff going on but what to believe, what not to. Leave that to Justin Bieber himself, keep your hopes high, but wait for the official announcement, from our boy or his team! And rely on us for any further update, we’ll notify as soon as we hear something on this, But one thing’s for sure, this time we may have made it. When we asked @JustinTourUpd (one of many Purpose Tour updates account) about this case, we got a reply saying, “We know he’ll be doing India, but we’re unsure when!”

Don’t forget that we were the first to inform you (on December 6, 2016) about Justin Bieber India concert before anyone else. Click here to read how.

Also, we had been receiving the same news all this while, from our sources, even before the dates were announced, but according to the latest update, India tour was on the list, now cancelled. Seems like Justin wants to give us another shot! And if he does, let’s just show him how ready we are for him!! Here’s what we’re planning!

Bieber To India Week 

Let’s unite one more time! Let’s do it all over again, this one last time, let’s go huge, let’s give it all we got, and see where it takes us. We, the Indian Beliebers’ Community have planned a whole #BieberToIndiaWeek filled with amazing activities and tasks for all you Indian beliebers that might get us close to reach Justin and his team We’ll be filming your reactions, It’ll be like a short documentary, which will have your opinions. All videos will be uploaded on our YouTube ChannelThe fact that we are this close to see our boy Justin in India, is enough motivation!

We’re honestly, truly very close! Just need a final nail on the coffin. And our #BieberToIndiaWeek will serve that purpose! We need all the Indian beliebers to spread the word and participate/join the event in large number! It’s our love and support that will get Justin here, nothing else. Let’s work together and get our voices heard and show Justin that HIS INDIAN BELIEBERS LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS EVERY OTHER BELIEBER. And we too deserve to see him once! Stay tuned for info on this.

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  1. Sonam says:

    Will it be possible for him to visit Northeast (Arunachal Pradesh ) ❤❤

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