What? Justin Bieber is coming to India! – Unlocked

December 6, 2016


Everything you need to know about Justin Bieber’s India tour.

NOTE: Before drawing any conclusion, we need you to read this complete post with a clear mind till the end (as it’s crucial, it’s going to be worth it)

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Dear Indian Beliebers, this post is important as it’s regarding the previous message that we posted on our social media. Let’s not push this any further, and let’s get straight to the point. So, yes! Finally!! We have been hearing from sources that the most awaited Purpose Stadium Tour 2017, might as well come to India! 

What’s going on? – Explained 

As we already know, on December 5, 2016, Bieber announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show he will tour stadiums in the United States in late-mid 2017, with dates announced later that day. Although only the United States dates (43 shows) have been released yet. We’re exclusively hearing from sources that the stadium tour might be international as well. And it is no surprise that India has a few large stadiums where international events happened and artists have performed in the mere past like Hardwell etc. So that gives us a reason to believe.

As far as our previous post is concerned, we posted the message and we asked for 1000+ shares on our Facebook Post before unfolding everything, just so that it could reach the vast majority of Indian Beliebers.

So here’s the thing guys, although the sources are quite trustworthy, we cannot completely put our faith in them. Yes, it’s highly speculated that India might get to see Justin in 2017, but we’re suggesting not to get carried away too much. Keep your hopes up, but Don’t Start Seeing it yet. 

Also, since this news is so much on our radar right now, people might look out for an opportunity here, and take undue advantage of it. As you know, we’ve faced such a situation in the past as well with Vanva Entertainment group on Facebook, spreading false rumors about Justin coming for a performance here. Now yet again, there’s a possibility of similar cases happening. In fact, we’ve already seen lots of tweets of people claiming this news to be 100% true. There’s another brand new rumor that says Justin Bieber will be there in India for the Bodyguards movie interview. We are not directing this accusation towards anyone in particular, instead we ask you, Indian Beliebers, DO NOT BELIEVE COMPLETELY IN SUCH RUMOURS or in people saying Justin is coming to India, UNLESS it’s officially declared by Justin himself, or any member of his/our team. Some accounts that you can believe in are listed here:

(And of course, Justin Bieber’s official crew members)

Don’t give too much energy to it

So since it’s being highly speculated, but not officially confirmed by Justin or any of his crew members about Purpose Stadium Tour in India, we’re suggesting not to give too much energy to it. Still keeping our hopes up high. We’re trying our best to reach Justin and working so hard for it with your help, faith & belief.

So before you jump to any conclusion, try to look into the matter as it is. We don’t want any of us getting tricked, so this was just to make the scene clear. Our very existence, every step we take, every single project, beyond our own personal schedules and capabilities, has One Purpose Alone, to make your dreams come true, to bring Justin here! So have faith in us, WAIT for an official announcement from Justin or team, we promise you that we’ll be the first to inform you all (WITH EVIDENCE!)

Till then, there’s no reason to feel heartbroken or confused, we have 70 Solid Reasons to believe that Justin will be here soon!

Check out the following thread on Twitter, compiled by our own editor-in-chief and keep your hopes high, because it’s maybe going to be worth it! So Cheer up guys! And let’s just be positive about this whole situation!


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4 thoughts on “What? Justin Bieber is coming to India! – Unlocked”

  1. Priyanka says:

    That’s awsm very happy ..that finally our dream are coming true ..Justin is coming to India💜💜💜💜luv u so much Justin
    Indian beliebers be ready 😁😍😘😘😘

  2. kriti bal says:

    i have been a belieber for the past 8 years . i havent got a chance to see the love of my live and my idol ever since…but i always had this faith that one day i will …maybe ill earn up enough money to go to one of his concerts but now that i hear there is a possiblitiy i myself will try my best to get this post as many shares as possible cuz kidrahuls my life!! and hey justin was once asked by an interviewer do u like your fans? he said ” fans? i love them a lot! and my beliebers? i’d take a bullet for them ! ” and am sure this person with this thought is a 100% gonna give his beliebers a chance to see him…..i believe 🙂

  3. Watttt reallly… plzzzzz justin bieber come to dehradun… im a hug means a huge fan of ur from class 6 . I really admire u a lott… plzzzz come dehradun… plzzzz i got my exms too so cant go anywhere..
    Its my dream to see u … plzzzzzzz.. its a humble request from a beleiber…. plzzzzzz justin bieber… 1last time

    1. Maninder Singh says:

      Me also also want that he should come to India

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