IBC Clubs: Leadership – Here’s how you can apply for your city

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August 17, 2017

WE HEARD YOU INDIAN BELIEBERS! #IBCClubs are happening and whether or not they come to your city, is totally in your hands! Here’s everything you need to know about #IBCClubs and how YOU can join:​

What are these clubs? 

#IBCClubs will act as online branches for the Indian Beliebers Community (IBC) in at least one city from each state. They’ll be run by a Committee of 5 dedicated Indian Beliebers, who’ll coordinate and manage all of IBC’s Fan Projects, Belieber contests, meetups, giveaways and a lot more, state wise. The Committee will, in fact, be called a part of IBC itself, and if they excel in their undertakings, they’ll be taken into IBC as admins, permanently! Fans can also register for membership, (if they don’t make it to the “Top 5 Dedicated Beliebers’ slot” who’ll form the “Club Committees”) to be able to participate in the respective Club Activities!

Why #IBCClubs? 

Our main purpose for setting these clubs up is to bring opportunities to Indian Beliebers, on a larger scale, for their involvement in various Fan Activities and consequent establishment of a better, closer and satisfactory relationship between Justin Bieber and themselves. It is also for those dedicated Beliebers, who want to show and express their love and support, but can’t because of less or no opportunities. Bieber Parades have only been undertaken in big metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad, but that doesn’t mean other cities have no Beliebers. It is to bridge this gap, and bring equal opportunities to Fans, that we have brought #IBCClubs. While some Beliebers (who apply for a spot in the Club Committees) will get a chance to lead a Belieber group from their city, organise events, and sometimes even make headlines, some others (who apply for Club Membership) will get to participate in those events, suggest ideas for Fan Projects, express their love for Justin, and so much more. #IBCClubs will fulfil all your major dreams of getting closer to Justin!

On a bigger scene, #IBCClubs will also help us rebuild India’s image and earn THAT ONE TWEET from Justin that’s pending since #PurposeTourIndia got over. Also, this initiative would be a first ever in any country! Let’s spread the Bieber Fever all over India, shall we? 😉

Individually, it’ll also help you develop leadership qualities and management skills, which will definitely help in your respective careers! So it’s a win-win situation for you guys! Enter NOW!!!

How do I register? 


How to apply for the Club Leadership: 

Organising Fan Projects, leading a group of Beliebers, uniting them, and becoming a part of IBC has been your dream? Time to make it happen! If you think you have the skills and the potential to manage a Belieber group from your city, and lead various IBC projects, write to us NOW! Mail us your application at ibcclubpresidents@gmail.com to register!

Your mail should have the following information:
  1.  A little about yourself. 
    (Name, Age, City where you’re from, City where you live in, current occupation, etc.) 
  2. Since when you’re a Belieber and why. 
  3. Whether you have organised Fan Projects (Bieber parades, flashmobs, meetups, celebrations, etc.) before. 
    (if yes, attach a short description of what it was and how it went out).
  4. Why you want to apply for the club leadership and how you’ll fulfil your responsibilities if chosen.
  5. Your contact number (It will be safe with us).


Once we receive your mail, we’ll go through it, and if we find you fit for the position, we will contact you back for further details. Remember, without a Club Leader, there won’t be a Club, so you have to volunteer first! You’ll receive all the help you need from IBC, but you have to step forward and not wait for someone else to take the position, if you want a Club for your city! Also, be assured, you won’t be overburdened with a lot of responsibilities. It’ll infact, be an awesome opportunity for you to express your love and do something in the name of Justin Bieber!

Got a Club Leader! What next? 

As soon as we finalise a Club Leader for a particular city, we will announce a Club for it! Thereafter, fans can apply for either:

(i)  A spot in the Club Committee (for which we have 4 slots, and fans entering for it will assist the Club Leader in the undertakings of the respective Club) OR

(ii)  Club Membership, whereby you’ll be added to the Belieber group from your city, and you’ll be able to participate in the Club Activities.

For Club Committees or Club Membership, you’ll need to contact the respective Club Leader from your city (whose contact details we will announce as well).

Once a Club is all set and good to go, it can start with the Fan Projects suggested either by IBC, or by any of the Club members (which also includes the Club Committee). You can meet, make more Belieber friends, undertake projects, suggest ideas, and just have fun!

So, good luck to everyone willing to participate! infact we’re expecting a huge rush for registrations since practically all true Beliebers will apply for it! So make sure, you do, as well! P.S. IBC Clubs will be one of the major highlights in our Tribute Project, not to mention, they’re practically going to be the ones to contribute the most! You can’t dare to miss it, right? Go, Enter. Calling all Indian Beliebers! 

Click the button to apply now. Make sure you mention everything mentioned above. 

Indian Beliebers Community 

If you have any queries or doubts regarding any part of this blog, feel free to contact us!


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