A true childhood success story, Justin Bieber capitalized on his YouTube fame and went on to become one of the world’s biggest music stars. With his first album out when he was aged just fifteen and his record-breaking tours completed during his late teens, Justin Bieber is one of the world’s must successful young musicians.


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March 1st, 12:56 a.m.

"March 1st, 1994, 12:56 a.m. on a rainy Tuesday in room 126 on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph's hospital, in London, Ontario, Canada, weighing 7lbs. and 11oz. i.e. 3.5 kilograms. And the doctor in-charge was Dr. Simon Bexlaham." That's the minimum of what you get if you ask even an average Belieber Justin's birth details.

Of course there's a whole lot of other attributes but we won't go into them since that will occupy an entire section altogether! If you'd like to know more fun facts about his birth, you can hit up any of our admins anytime. We'll try our best to deliver answers.

Early Childhood

Much of Justin's life had become "public" during his early teens considering that's when he started his full-fledged career as a musician. Representing one of the finest examples of "Early Success!", "Young Talent!", "A Gifted Son" and much more, his journey to stardom is truly an inspirational one!

Justin's parents, Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia "Pattie" Mallette, kept close but never married and Pattie raised Justin as a single mother following her split up with Jeremy when Justin was 10 months old. Since then she worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raising Justin in low-income housing.

"I was young. I wanted to make sure that I gave him everything, that I would be the best that I could be for him. It was definitely challenging to be a teenager and have to stay home while all your friends are going out. I just knew that that's what I had to do. It was hard work, but it was worth it."
Pattie Mallette
Pattie's parents, Diane and Bruce, knew Justin needed stability in his life, and they were there for him throughout. Justin and his grandparents were really close, to the point that everytime Justin got scolded at school, he'd run away and over to his Grandpa's house, instead of running home!

Like any normal kid, Justin was pretty notorious! And a huge fan of sports! His soccer coach's son, Ryan and him were childhood buddies since they were in grade four. Apart from that, Justin had a natural inclination towards music since a very young age. Pattie would have her friends visit her, who'd bring their guitars and drum kits and Justin, as a two-year-old, would wander up to the stairs, right in front of the drum kit, just stare at the drummer and be mesmerized. He'd then grab a pair of drumsticks and he'd start hitting the stairs. And everybody noticed that his timing was amazing!
Hashtag "A Star Was In The Making"!

"My name is Justin, and this is how I drum!"

If you remember him saying that, you've been here for a long time! ;)

Justin was about 3 years old when his mother started discovering his musical talents. Pattie's friends were musical and they encouraged Justin. They would show him how to do a chord on the guitar and stuff and at the end of it, would be beyond convinced that Justin had a musical talent.

At the age of 12, Justin wanted to go play and busk on the steps of the Avon Theatre and the apartments across the road there, their windows would be all closed in the summertime. But the minute they heard him sing, they would just all open up and just let his voice right in.

Initially trying to make some extra money for his family in his spare time, he gathered enough out of busking to take his Mom on a vacation to Disney World, as a sweet gesture in return for everything she had done for him.

"I grew up in a really rural town, Stratford, Ontario, with 30,000 people and growing up, I actually used to busk on the street. I'd play my guitar, sing, and people would throw money in the case. I actually got enough money to bring my mom to Florida to go to Disney World, because I always wanted to go but we never had enough money."
Justin Bieber
Still 12, Justin participated in the Stratford Idol Singing Competition, and stood second. His mom had friends and family living in different provinces, who wanted to come and see him perform but couldn't. About that time, Justin was playing around on YouTube, and he suggested that they put his videos up there and send the links to the relatives for them to check out.

Next, as we all know, is history! But if you don't, scroll over to the next section!


Owing to Justin's suggestion of putting his videos up on Youtube for his mom's friends and family elsewhere to watch, Pattie created "Kidrauhl", the infamous Youtube channel, on 15th January, 2007. Surprisingly, "Kidrauhl" started receiving hits from strangers, requesting for more songs! Both Justin and Pattie were excited to receive such a lot of admiration, so they continued uploading more videos of Justin singing.

6 videos down, Justin had already become an obscured star on YouTube. "Kidrauhl" had hit 100,000+ Subscribers and comments had started flooding in! At this point, talent manager Scooter Braun, happened to come across one of Justin's videos and he absolutely loved it! He ended up checking the entire "Kidrauhl" channel out, and he was smitten!

"And then I clicked on him singing Ne-Yo's So Sick. That's when I got the buzz. I actually canceled all my meetings the next day, and said, I'm gonna find this kid today. I kind of became obsessed with him!
Scooter Braun
Scooter got a hold of Justin's great-aunt, hunted his school down, contacted the board, contacted the Avon Theatre and left dozens of messages on "Kidrauhl"! When Pattie found out, she tensed up and called him from an unknown number just to say, "Please stop calling!" Instead, Scooter and her ended up talking for 2-3 hours and eventually she agreed to his proposal of getting Justin introduced to some record labels.

So they flew down to Atlanta and Scooter started arranging for meetings. Initially, everyone said "NO". Every record label pointed out, "There's no platform like Nickelodeon or Disney for him." So Scooter brought Justin to Usher Raymond, who had him sing one of his own songs and he was surprised! Usher and Scooter then took it to L.A. Reid who signed him right away! And that's how we got our "Island Def Jam recording artist"!

Beliebers: the fandom

Just like two faces of the same coin, Beliebers and Justin go hand in hand, owing pretty much their existence to each other. The internet usually lists other artists' Fan Communities as a part of their "Fandom". Beliebers, on the other hand, are more like a "Family". That is because, not only is Justin himself, much closer to his Beliebers than any other artist is to their fans, but also because the Beliebers are to each other!

"Dying to live in that unparalleled universe where as impossible as it may seem, I end up with all my fellow Beliebers, because they have given me a Family I can never be thankful enough for! Found love and support in forms I didn't even know could exist- Sisters, brothers, best friends, even "The One"! Nobody has ever been able to understand me, support me in my highs and lows and share my smiles and tears the way they do! Being a Belieber brings in more blessings than just being able to stan Justin, and I consider myself grateful to have found a place in this wonderful Family! So, Thank You Justin!"
A Belieber
Reports say Beliebers make the most envied Fandom as of today, and why if you ask... because Justin treats his Beliebers in the most special ways!

  • Beliebers get pizza hand delivered from Justin himself!
  • His affiliation with Make A Wish Foundation has allowed Justin to make many a Belieber's fan dreams come true
  • Justin lets fans sneak into his concerts - for FREE!
  • You never know WHEN JB's going to turn up, and whisk you off to prom.
  • Justin gets adorable enough to treat a 5 year old Belieber as MRS. BIEBER and be her constant support while she fought a life threatening disease!
  • Who else lets fans interview AND kiss them???
  • You never know when he might surprise you with a call!
  • Justin wears his Beliebers on his sleeve, literally. #HeTattooedBeliebersOnHisArm

And there's a whole bunch of other sweet memories that Justin and his Beliebers have shared! Wanna know why being a Belieber is worth it? Click on the button below and have a look for yourselves how royal the treatment is! ;)

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