Read this post before you start trending #BieberScrollIndia

November 19, 2016

This post contains everything that will help us get the hashtag trending in India (Possibly worldwide)

Let’s get to the point directly

Since it’s just few hours to go now here’s a thread listing all main last minute instructions you must bear in mind while trending tonight at 8.


  1. 1. Post this the following picture with a tweet necessarily containing the hashtag #BieberScrollIndia
    (Double check the hashtag before posting, tweet correctly).


  2. 2. Tweet thrice with the pic, tagging all @JBCrewdotcom members consecutively, and then repeat the same thing, as explained in the point 3.

  3. 3. Tweet 1: Your tweet with the pic & the hashtag. (Tag the Group A along with @JBCrewdotcom@justinbieber and @scooterbraun)

  4. 4. Tweet 2: The same tweet as in Tweet 1, with the pic & hashtag. (Tag Group B, along with @JBCrewdotcom@justinbieber and @AsiaPop40)

    5. Tweet 3: The same tweet as in Tweet 1, with the pic & hashtag. (Tag Group C along with @JBCrewdotcom and @justinbieber)

    6. Here are the @JBCrewdotcom members you have to tag. Total 22 members.
    Divide them as 7-7-8 and post, tagging them as explained above in point 3, 4 and 5.

    Group B Group B Group C
    1. @mospurpose
    2. @biebersxbandana
    3. @notmariaherrera
    4. @TayBieber4ever
    5. @LaurenDPorteous
    6. @JBCGiveaway
    7. @bzzlsprncss

    1. @biebxrsharmony 
    2. @sarauhl13
    3. @ChristineSelnes
    4. @queenmccannx
    5. @Eleanorauhl13
    6. @actualdrew
    7. @yeahduder
    1. @flywbiebs 
    2. @ifirstdance
    3. @kimncb_
    4. @rauhlsdebut
    5. @lowkeypyd
    6. @cuddleswbieber
    7. @chloehamilton_1
    8. @BeliebinTW

    7. Turn your locations on & set it to “India

    (   us if you’re not sure how to do that, location should be enabled for each of your tweets).

  5. 8. So that’s basically it! Ya’ll can start saving drafts accordingly, if you wish. For any questions, feel free to   us. #BieberScrollIndia ✌


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  1. Sneha says:

    thankyou to justin for looking towards INDIA.

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