Author: Naveen Manjhi

April 1, 2016

MAAFI (Sorry Bollywood Remix)  Remixed by: J Raj Music Choreographer: Shereen Ladha Dancers: Gowtham Ratnaraj, Rahim Printer, Arnold Wallang, Vanessa Mangar, Shama Kassam, Karina D’Mello, Akshina Taploo, Pratik Marathe, Rahul Ravi, Deepta Banik, Raj Soordhar & Jasvir Tamber JOIN THE INDIAN BELIEBERS COMMUNITY ​    ​   ​​ ​ 819 total views, 0 views today

819 total views, 0 views today

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January 25, 2016

UPCOMING: PAST: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DELHI PARADE ALBUM CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MUMBAI PARADE ALBUM JOIN THE BIEBER PARADE UPDATES HERE  Save the pictures above for the info & reference. Got a question? Write us at or follow the links below!   ​ ​​  ​ ​ 1,524 total views, 0 views today

1,524 total views, 0 views today

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November 19, 2015

Low cost private schools are a local organic response of the poor to educate themselves, build and mostly run by local entrepreneurs to help their communities. It is largely a response to the inadequacy of governments to provide adequate education, primarily in the developing world.

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