Our Mission


IBC was founded on March 24, 2012, for one aim alone, to unite Indian Beliebers so that we'd collectively be able to work towards getting ourselves heard and earn a show from Justin Bieber. Along the journey, however, it came out to be not just about drooling over his face and voice and such, but a totally different level of appreciation. We were inspired by Justin in a way we never had been. We wanted to be more than just a fan account updating on the popstar. We wanted to implement things, organise various projects, so that this virtual relationship between Justin and all his Beliebers becomes a reality. That's why we went with fan projects like the Bieber parades, musical albums by fans, the Bieber Scroll, fundraisers for less fortunate kids, and such other projects that wouldn't just help us unite the Indian Beliebers, but also bring them closer to Justin as such, give them ways to show their love and support for Justin, and avail them of opportunities to practice what Justin advises us, making our bond with him, still stronger.

Today we haven't only achieved our aim of getting Justin to India for a concert, but also successfully united thousands of Indian Beliebers and we bring them daily opportunities to showcase their love and support for Justin. So if you've been looking for something that would update you on Justin 24*7 (including new music, awards, voting, his whereabouts, etc.), and provide you a platform to show Justin your love and support for him all in one place, look no more. We are here exactly for that! IBC is your one and only platform to single-handedly keep in touch with Justin AND Beliebe in the real sense!
P.S. Justin's India Visit 2.0 IS on our to-do list so you can join us in the endeavour! ;)

Meet the team

  • member 1

    Naveen Manjhi

    Founder & President Sworn in as IBC's President on March 24th, 2012. Saw him on May 10th, 2017 in India.
    Belief is what it takes!
  • member 2

    Andy Vishwakarma

    Supervisor & Promoter Here for what I do best; "Beliebing" and bringing you opportunities to do the same on a level higher than you've ever thought of!
  • member 3

    Shaista Shams

    Editor-in-chief Contributing towards securing 1000s of Indian Beliebers' dreams, every minute!
    Literally blessed (Pun intended) ;)
  • member 4

    Sharad Verma

    Developer & Editor Bored? Check out some cool Bieber related games and stuff I've prepared for you!
    Reach out to me for links ;)
  • member 1

    Prerna Drolia

    Editor & Event Supervisor The Justinera in me'll bring out the Belieber in you. All you gotta do is Beliebe!
    P.S. Wanna find me? I'm tallest among the admins. :D
  • member 2

    Suraj Sharma

    Event Supervisor & Advisor Serving Beliebers with the most wanted opportunities by working as a Conveyor among them and Justin Bieber! Tell me your aspirations, I'll put them in progress! ;)
  • member 3

    Anshu Sahu

    Visual Content Supervisor Hustling to bring the world into my world. I put emotions into frames per second. #GtgDreamsAreWaiting
    Beliebers are family ❤
  • member 4

    Deepanshu Ruhela

    Event Admin & Advisor Few years from now you'll see me owning a record label. Inspiration? Justin Drew Bieber
    Living my dreams via IBC and helping you do the same!
  • member 1

    Akansha Mondal

    Event Admin & Advisor The youngest in the crew but no less than a dynamite! Beliebing is not by age, it's by passion! If I can do it, so can you! Living my #Purpose with IBC, are you living yours?
  • member 2

    Nadiya Sheikh

    Social Media Manager Living off updating on that white boy from Canada who used to busk in front of the Avon Theatre and is now the world's biggest popstar. We can't be friends if you hate him though :)
  • member 3

    Meghanjali Mitra

    Event Admin & Advisor Here to spread love, radiate positive vibes and bring you closer to the Biebs! I'll watch and read everything you ask me to. But do contact me if you need procrastination classes!
  • member 4

    Amit Awasthi

    Event Admin & Advisor I'm either way too Belieberic or way too Belieberic. There's absolutely no in between. Wanna know how? IBC is the answer! Join the community now!

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