Indian Beliebers did a good job at #IndiaNeedsYouJustin

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August 13, 2015

#IndiaNeedsYouJustin. Well there’s a big real story behing this Hashtag. We’re going to tell you about this in short.

So, on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 4.00 PM. Indian Beliebers started trending the twitter hashtag #IndiaNeedsYouJustin as a team, it didn’t worked imediately, but about an hour after or two, It trended #8 on India Trends chart. Fortunately it raised up to #4 when @JBCrewdotcom noticed us and they made a tweet:

Indian Beliebers wanted to trend this hashtag worldwide on Twitter but because of the busy schedule of fans they were unable to make it possible. Now, again, Bieber fans have decided to trend worldwise to make it visible to Justin Bieber, so that he (Justin) can make up his mind to do something about India, like making a concert here etc.

What most Indian Belieber’s say?

As we know, Bieber-related activity is going viral frequently on twitter and other social networking websites, like few months back Justin made a surprise appearence on Ariana’s concert, He also appeared in the Ultra Music Festival with Skrillex. This is why most Indian Bieber fans don’t want him to make surprise appearances on Skrillex’s upcoming 4 day India tour.

Join other Indian Belieber and help them in trending this worldwide! You can make the following picture your twitter header so that everyone who visits your profile may know about the trend.

make this your twitter header

Make this your twitter header.

Also, make this following picture your twitter profile picture for few days or until Justin notice us.


Make this your Twitter profile picture

For new Bieber related projects follow us @jbtsinindia Let us know what do you think about “#IndiaNeedsYouJustin” in the comment section below.




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4 thoughts on “Indian Beliebers did a good job at #IndiaNeedsYouJustin”

  1. IshS says:

    #JBTourInIndiaPlease :3

  2. vivek says:

    Justin bieber where are u now? I need u

  3. Smruti says:

    We need u justin…pls tour in India

  4. sharad says:


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