A Fan Project by the Indian Beliebers Community

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April 11, 2017

What’s up?

India is about to witness the biggest concert in Indian history, on 10th of May! Justin Bieber is bringing the Purpose Tour To India finally after a 7 year long wait!! Here’s how Indian Beliebers are planning to make this event go down in history as the most special and memorable one!! Join in if you are one!

This fan project in brief

Inspired by Justin, walking on his own footsteps, we’ve decided to organize a fundraising campaign here in India, all in the name of Justin Bieber, to share our happiness and Justin’s ‘Purpose’ with as many less privileged kids as possible, to give them a better future. YOUR contribution will be used to help educate 1,00,000 less fortunate children, through the Education Drive undertook by the Umang Foundation.

Why are we doing this?

Our main motive behind this is to make May 10th, 2017 special for as many less fortunate kids in India, as we are able to reach out to, considering thousands of Beliebers will be living their dreams inside the D.Y. Patil Stadium, and we just want to share our happiness with those kids that deserve it the most! “Donate to the poor, instead of buying costly tickets!” Heard of those memes? Instead of just talking, let’s actually Make A Difference, just as Justin does! Also, Justin has always inspired us to give back.

What better way would be for us, to show our love and gratitude to him than this? We would, in fact, be making him realize that he actually succeeded in delivering his ‘Purpose’ in India! It’s not just his looks, his voice, or his stardom that we’re here for, we are here because he inspires us, he means to us much more than just a role model, it’s more than just a Fan and Role Model relationship for us! Let’s show him that! Want to thank him? Let the blessings from these children for Justin, speak for your love!

Why education?

Believe in something bigger than yourself, and education is such a medium which motivates us to achieve such heights. As Justin Bieber mentioned in his song ‘Children’ ? “What about the children? Look at all the children we can change.” Be the change. Rapidly growing size of population, shortage of basic facilities and lack of funds are the prime challenges the nation is facing. Our ‘Purpose’ behind choosing education for a hundred thousand children is that every child deserves to learn and make better one’s future and the society they are a part of. Come forward and help us in educating the ones in whose hands the nation shall flourish.

What YOU can do?

  1. By joining this venture, YOU can help provide education to 1,00,000 less fortunate children.

  2. By contributing Rs. 400 only, YOU can fulfill yearly stationary requirements of a child in need.

  3. YOU can help us share and Justin Bieber deliver, his Purpose here in India, and collect blessings for him from these children. YOU can show him how deeply he has inspired YOU.

  4. YOU can bring a smile on a hundred thousand faces, including YOURS.

  5. YOU can make a difference, YOU can make a brighter India!

  6. So much, only a click away. So go for it!



YOUR money will go to the right hands

Once you make your payment (donation), you will receive a confirmation mail or a text message on your phone, so that you know your transaction was successful.

Indian Beliebers Community will receive a certificate recognizing all YOUR efforts, from Umang Foundation, as well.

So let’s make the world better. Together. In The Name Of Purpose.



To learn more about Umang Foundation (NGO), please visit: http://umangfoundation.org​




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  1. Ning ning says:

    Please do this show live please

  2. Abhijeet Kumar says:

    Its a good work by we all Beliebers

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